Since 1.7 added new biomes, More Nature is adding support to these new biomes. Here is a spawn list: 

Centipede: Forest, Swampland, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest, Mega Taiga, Jungle

Cricket: Plains, Swampland, Jungle, Savanna

Butterfly: Plains, Swampland, Jungle, Savanna

Fish: Ocean, River, Frozen Ocean, Frozen River, Deep Ocean, Swampland

Angler: Deep Ocean

Manta Ray: Ocean, Deep Ocean, Swampland

Whale: Deep Ocean

Snake: Jungle, Swampland, Savanna, Desert, Mesa

Lizard: Jungle, Savanna, Desert, Mesa

Mouse: Plains, Forest, Birch Forest, Mega Taiga

Bird: Plains, Forest, Swampland, Jungle, Birch Forest, Mega Taiga

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